SPCC Cruise to Gravesend June 2022

SPCC Convoy

London VTS We have a convoy!

White Hart buoy

Albert Victor passing White Hart buoy

The SPCC has frequent runs down to Gravesend as it is a good introduction to tidal work without the distractions of the Thames Clipper water buses and the trip boats plying their trade between the piers of the river above Greenwich.

In June 2022 we were looking forward to some nice sunny, summer weather for a gentle run down on the tide to the Town Pier and a nice meal at the Three Daws pub, returning upriver on the Sunday. The best laid plans do not always work out though.

The usual run down to Limehouse, briefing and meal in CA House was slightly overshadowed by the forecast for wind over the weekend. It was reasonable for the Saturday but a chance of stronger gusts on the Sunday for our return. After a peaceful night the "Go" was confirmed as the wind was less than expected. There was a little chop on the water for the run to Gravesend but nothing more than we were used to. We set spring ropes and had a peaceful night.

Sunday dawned and looking across the river we could see occasional white horses as the wind was against the tide and where we were the next land to the East was France. After discussion we concluded that though rough, we could all cope with the conditions. A wind buffeted run across the river and turn upstream gave some good photos but once around the corner we were in the lee of Tilbury Port and could relax for a bumpy but uneventful run back to Limehouse and dry land.

Town Pier

Moored on Town Pier

Pilot boats

Pilot boats on call don't slow down

Rough conditions

A bit rough in Sea Reach