The Barton Family

I undertook the search for the Bartons - my wife's paternal ancestors - to learn the methods and resources available to the amateur genealogist. The family were from the Colchester and Tendring peninsular area so I could find out about Records Offices and Family History centres without much travelling.

My brother-in-law, Fred Barton, now living in New Zealand, had already done full searches and recorded the Barton line back to 1530. I worked through the births, marriages and deaths records in Colchester Records Office and reached a John Barton at the beginning of the 18th Century. I then became confused and after asking Fred for his records I can see why. The Christian names of sucessive generations went: Thomas, Thomas, John, Francis, Francis, John.

The main line of Bartons found by Fred is opposite.

The Bartons of Tendring, Essex.

  • Thomas BARTON
    born: abt. 1530
      spouse: Eleanor

  • Thomas BARTON
    born: abt. 1585
      spouse: Bridget WHARTON

  • John BARTON
    born: abt. 1618
      spouse: Elizabeth

  • Francis BARTON
    born: abt. 1647
      spouse: Elizabeth SPARLING
      born: 10 August 1647

  • Francis BARTON
    born: abt. 1675
      spouse: Elizabeth HAM

  • John BARTON
    baptised: 27 August 1712
      spouse: Margaret ABBOT
      born: 3 April 1713

  • Bartholemew BARTON
    born: 1742
      spouse: Sarah Bradbrook CROOKS

  • Martin BARTON
    born: 3 March 1782
      married: 3 November 1812
      spouse: Elizabeth STONE

  • Martin BARTON
    born: 1813
      married: 7 April 1849
      spouse: Mary Ann LAMB

  • Charles BARTON
    born: 6 September 1843
      spouse: Sarah SADLER

  • Harry Charles BARTON
    born: 1875
      married: 2 June 1904
      spouse: Kate DAWSON

  • Charles Halls BARTON
    born: 19 March 1910
    died: 13 November 1997
      spouse: Barbara Olive BUSSEY

  • Fredrick Charles BARTON - 1940