The Garland Family

The search for the Garland line has been complicated by the distance of relationships within the current generation. My grandfather was one of (I thought) twelve siblings - I have since discovered a thirteenth who died in infancy. Of those thirteen only three were male and in the following generation there were only four males.

Since the generation of thirteen, most of the branches have had only one or two children and my generation is now spread across much of England and an area of Canada. The lack of males in my grandfather's generation leads to only three "Garlands" in my generation of seventeen second cousins.

Herbert Garland Marriage

The Garland Family tree

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  • William GARLAND
  • born: bet.1774-1781
      spouse: Ann

  • Samuel GARLAND
    1818 - 1862
      married: 20 October 1839
      spouse: Mary Ann WORMINGTON

  • Charles GARLAND
    1846 - 1916
      married: 15 November 1870
      spouse: Anne HILL

  • Herbert George GARLAND
    1888 - 1967
      married: 8 January 1916
      spouse: Grace Alice Mary Martha FEASEY

  • Basil GARLAND
    born: 1920 - 2017
      married: 2 August 1942
      spouse: Dora Mary Sudell HOPE

  • Terence Michael GARLAND
    born: 1949
      married: 29 December 1981
      spouse: Pamela BARTON