Principal IT experience:

My interest stemmed from use, at college in mid-1970s, of acoustic coupled dial-up access with teletypes to various educational mainframes. My home computers have moved through a Sinclair ZX81, an Acorn Archimedes to Dell PCs. An earlier Dell is now relegated to back-up on a home network and is running Ubuntu Linux. I finally gave up on Microsoft for this when windows10 refused to remain logged in 24/7 and kept re-booting on updates despite setting the update to manual - I feel back at home as the early CAD systems ran on mini computers and workstations with various flavours of Unix.

Now we are both retired, Pam and I have migrated to Apple, running 'his and hers' iMacs; the family seems to now be all Mac as Emily has been on MacBooks since college and Francis has now migrated to a MacBook for his university course.

In addition to keeping up to date with CAD running QCAD-Pro, I have Family Tree Maker for my genealogy interests, and try and help Pam with the Sibelius music programs she uses to produce all the music required for the Wivenhoe Orchestra and the Comrie Singers.

For web development I now use SeaMonkey for WYSIWYG editing. For graphics editing I run a scanner and edit with GIMP-2.0.

Fitzroy Robinson Limited 2000 to 2016

I had taken a decision on my priorities between architecture and IT before joining Fitzroy Robinson and hoped to keep IT more in the background in future. Events have a habit of over-taking ones best intentions though!

  • Bentley MicroStation, AutoCAD and finally Revit use
  • Part-time administration of IT systems
  • Representative on Major Architects Group of CICA

Equator London 1999-2000

  • AutoCAD Light
  • New office installation
  • Specification and purchasing
  • Hardware installation
  • Software installation and configuration

Stanley Bragg Partnership Limited 1987-1999

  • RUCAPS, Sonata & MicroStation CAD
  • Member of Computer Working Group from 1990.
  • Development of CAD standards and elements for Sonata system.
  • Administration of mixed Unix-Novell-WinNT network.
  • Investigating, reporting and budgeting for IT.

Maidstone Borough Council 1982-1987:

  • Investigation, reporting, obtaining committee approval to CAD system;
  • Installation and management of Rucaps 3D CAD modelling system;
  • Co-ordination and management of CPM network;
  • Representing MBC on Kent Joint Utilities GIS programme.