The Anglesea Arms

A number of the Wivenhoe pubs seem to have changed their names. The Anglesea Arms was initially called the Old Shipwrights. The pub forms the end of a row of mid-19th century houses in Queen's Road and is now divided into two properties.

The pub, having closed in the 1920s, had noteriety in the late 1960s as the home of a faction of 'The Angry Brigade':

From an article about John Barker in The Guardian:

The Angry Brigade carried out a series of bomb attacks in the early 70s, aimed at the embassies of far-right regimes, the homes of cabinet ministers in Edward Heath's Conservative government, the army, the police, property speculators, the Miss World competition. Each attack was followed by a communique written on a John Bull printing set in which the motivation was explained, whether it was internment in Northern Ireland, the Vietnam war, the government's industrial-relations policies or sexism.

This list of names is from census returns.
They are therefore the occupants, not necessarily the licensee or owner.

1841, 1851 & 1861: Not found
1871: William Hindward
1881: William E Culley
1891: Mary Hadley
1896: [from Black Buoy list]: C Gardner
1901: Francis T Shackleton
1911: Elizabeth Jolliffe

Anglesea Arms

The former pub now 7 and 9 Queen's Road.