Grosvenor Hotel

Built to serve the visitors coming to Wivenhoe following the opening of the railway in 1863, the Grosvenor Hotel sits in a prominant position on the corner of the High Street and Station Road just below the bridge over the railway, the first landlord in 1867 was Robert Burgess

The list of names is from census returns, 1867 PO Directory & 1933 Kelly's Directory. They are therefore the occupants, not necessarily the licensee or owner.

1867: Robert Burgess
1871: Robert Burgess
1881: John R Goodwin
1891: William Goldsmith
1901: Henry Bow
1911: William E Mason
1933: Henry Edwin Bishop

Grosvenor Hotel

The Grosvenor Hotel today.
Hair dresser at the south end on the High Street, gift shop in the corner unit, cafe on the Station Road side and offices in the upper floors. Note the corner door now blocked and entry now from the former window on the High Street side of the building.

The Black Buoy

John Stewart - Wivenhoe Memories Collection

The Grosvenor Hotel around 1900.
The brewery, as Colchester Brewing Co., places this before 1926, the date their pubs were sold to Lacon & Co. of Gt.Yarmouth.