The Station

The Railway arrived in Wivenhoe in 1863, the pub dates from around the same date, first appearing in the 1871 census as The Station Hotel.

The name has changed over the years, in the 1890s it was known as the Railway Inn, according to the list in the Black Buoy being run by Thomas Goodwin. In 1911 it returned to The Station Hotel. That name survives today but as just "The Station".

This list of names is from census returns, 1967 PO Directory and 1933 Kelly's Directory. They are therefore the occupants, not necessarily the licensee or owner.

1867: John Turpin
1871: Sarah A Cole
1881: Mary Anne Scudder
1891: Francis Langmaid
1896: Thomas Goodwin
1901: Thomas Powell
1911: Thomas Powell
1933: Thomas Powell

The Station

The Station in 2017.
Photographed from the station.

The Station

John Stewart - Wivenhoe Memories Collection

The Station in early 1900s.
The family are reputedly the Powells who ran the pub for a large part of the early 20th century.
Note the lack of pavement and the rolled stone of the road surface.
A number of roads in Wivenhoe remained unsurfaced until the Dene Park estate development around 1970.
Anglesea Road and Hamilton Road remain unsurfaced and unadopted to this day.