Samuel Garland

Son of William GARLAND
born: 1818 in St.Martin's, Worcester.

married: Mary Ann WORMINGTON
20 October 1839 in Upton-on-Severn, Worcs.

Five children:
George William (b.1841)
Herbert (b.1844)
Charles (b.1846)
Emma (b.1848)
Sarah (b.1850)

Samuel, my great-great-grandfather, is my earliest definate link.
His marriage is the oldest Copy Certificate available from the GRO.

Samuel Garland married Mary Ann WORMINGTON on 20 October 1839 in the parish church of Upton-on-Severn in the County of Worcester.
Samuel was of "Full Age", his bride was age 20 (giving birth as 1819).
Samuel was a bachelor and Mary a spinster.
Samuel's profession was given as Attorney, and Mary was of no given Rank or Profession.
The residence for both of them was given as Upton [on Seven].
Samuel's father name was given as William GARLAND, a Beadle.
Mary Ann's father was George WORMINGTON, a Publican.

The official's name is illegible but the witnesses were George WILLDAY and Elizabeth WILLDAY.

                    Garland Marriage

Town Directories for Worcester

Bentley's Directory 1840/41
A Samuel GARLAND appears as a Shopkeeper, Tallow Hill;
A William GARLAND is listed as Guildhall Keeper &c, Diglis Street;
George WORMINGTON a Victualler, "Cross Keys", Friar Street;
A George GARLAND listed as a Solicitor, 10 Bridge Street;
Sarah GARLAND at a Preparatory School, New Street;

Pigot's Directory 1842
Has George GARLAND and George WORMINGTON with the same entries as Bentley's 1840 directory;

Slater's Directory 1850
A Samuel GARLAND is now a Retailer of Beer, Diglis Street.

The Samuel Garland as a shopkeeper in Tallow Hill maybe mine, becomming a beer retailer in 1850.
William Garland as Guildhall Keeper relates to the occupation of beadle on Samuel's Wedding certificate.
George Wormington as a Victualler ties in with Mary Ann's father as a publican.
I believe the George Garland as a solicitor in 1840 is a different family.
Sarah Garland may be related but I have found no other records for her. Possibly an aunt of Samuel after whom his daughter was named in 1850.

The links in the 1840s are confused though as the Wedding Certificate, giving Samuel's profession as Attorney, does not relate to any other records I have found to date. There were a number of Garlands with premises in Bridge Street, both solicitors and beer or wine merchants, they are probably all related in some way - the next part of my research.