Stuck in Boston 2019

Approach to Boston
Aerial View
Stump from Moorings

Clouds over Mooring

Lincolnshire Floods: We arrived in Boston ahead of the worst of the rains. The last of our group had to wait for the level to drop through Bardsey Lock but we all enjoyed the sight of Boston Stump apperaing at the end of the reach.

As the rain continued, strong stream warnings were issued for the Nene and the Ouse and we realised we were not going to cross the Wash on the intended date.

National News: On the Saturday we should have left, the bank of the River Steeping in Wainfleet, only 16 miles to our North, was breached which required the evacuation of over 500 homes.

Reset the Fluid Plans: There was a suggestion that the weather might improve for the Thursday but many of the crews were only available for weekends and the date was re-planned for Saturday 22nd June.


Boston Stump - choir

Boston Town: Apart from some brilliant sunsets, more rain and some sun, many of us had a week to learn more of this Fenland town.

St.Botolph's Church: Works were in progress to replace the stone flooring but there was still reasonable access to this magnificent church. Some local historians say that the building was to have had a spire built on the top of the lantern; this possibly being the origin of the name 'stump'.

Mill and River: Maud Foster Windmill is one of the largest operating windmills in England. We have now made some nice loaves from its flour. Visits to inspect the water levels in the river and at the lock gave an excuse to sample some of the hostelries around the town. The three sluices continued to run at full capacity when the tide allowed, causing the river to rise and fall over 3' when the gates were closed at high tides.

Boston Stump - nave

Boston Mill
River Witham
Boston Lock