Out into the Wash 2019

Lined up in Boston
Watchers on Bridge
Heading out to Sea

Leaving Lincolnshire

Leaving Boston: As we were a week later than planned the tides were some 5 hours later - giving us a bit of a lie-in before the off. A number of locals were on the Town Bridge to view our eleven narrow boats navigating the Haven.

Out to Sea: Passing through the town on a strong ebb tide we were soon in the wide open space of The Wash. The reality is actually a collection of narrow channels between sandbanks and as we turned to the south these began to appear either side of us.

Beaching: Having left on a falling tide we needed a rising tide to take us into the R.Nene and Wisbech. The transit time is less than the tide time so to wait for the turn of the tide one runs onto the edge of a sandbank. This gave the crews a time to stretch their legs, play boules on the sand and give the dogs on board some exercise

Skipper at Beacon

Beached on Sandbank
Crews Ashore
Getting Ashore

At Anchor

Re-enactment: One of our number was not keen to get her feet wet, this was quickly solved by copying the actions of the Danes in the 8th century and their methods for getting a wife.

Hooks Down: The tide was starting to rise but the wind had backed to the East and was increasing. We were not in a comfortable position on a lee shore and moved off and anchored to wait the next hour or so. The mooring is the black dot at the botom of the straight track on the chart.

Into the Dark: By the time we entered the channel into Wisbech, where we were accompanied by the local pilot boat, the sun was already starting to set. We finally arrived at the moorings in total dark at 11:30 pm. for a welcome glass [or two] of champagne.

Sea Track Plot

Night Crossing
Night Skipper
Crew at Night