Limehouse to Oxford 2019

Limehouse Basin
Limehouse Lock
Thames Barrrier


The Boats Converge: The gathering in Limehouse Basin rafted up four deep as in this photo from a cruise in 2013.

The Off: The timing of the cruise was determined by the tides. An early start on a falling tide was needed. The photo is of others leaving the tidal lock.

A gentle start: A smooth Thames for our initial run down through the barrier and past the Woolwich ferry to Margaretness to wait for the tide to turn and take us back all the way through London and up to Teddington.

Into the fray: The water getting a bit rougher and the sky looking threatening to welcome us into the world of Water Buses and Thames Cruises vying for space on the piers.

Tower Bridge


Interludes: At Brentford we had a change over of boats with two that had joined for the tideway experience leaving and two that did not want the tideway joining at Brentford Lock.

At Henley the Regatta course was being laid and the Royal Barge was arriving.

Sweet Thames Flow Softly: The first week was spent on one our favourite runs, from Limehouse to Oxford; from the hurly-burly of central London through the towns of the Thames Valley with stops at Hampton Court, Windsor, Marlow, Pangbourn and Abingdon before arriving at Oxford with a mooring on East Street, an easy walk to the station and the town centre.